Miele Power Plus Vacuum Cleaner Review.

Miele Power Plus Vacuum Cleaner Review.

Product review for Miele Power Plus vacuum cleaner.
Model: S7580

I invited my sister to take over our home when our family went on vacation.  When I returned she had donated our very old classic upright Hoover and purchased a Miele replacement.  I have had a chance to test this vacuum for about one year and here are my likes and dislikes.


  • The power cord is super long.  I thus do not have to keep moving the power plug as I cruise through the house.  I appreciate efficiency.  The cord does get warm telling me that it wastes energy.
  • I just love the fact that the vacuum head rides over any surface.  Every other vacuum cleaner, I have to set the carpet depth.
  • Bag replacement is rather simple and quick.


  • The unit continuously gets clogged.  I have to take the bottom head unit apart and clear out the rather small suck hose that collects the dirt and debris from what is spun up from the rotating brushes.  What is infuriating is that the tool that is needed, T-10H and T-20H, is special.  They should have used Phillips or straight blade screws.  There is a trick to getting the large plastic bottom piece back into place.  You need to move the brush roller back toward the handle and it then slips right in.  Also, along the right and left sides, there are rubber sides that can easily get caught under the plate when you screw it back in place.
  • I ran over the power cord the first time using it and damaged the outer insulation.  I have run over power cords with a lot of other vacuum cleaners and have never caused any harm.


I previously panned this vacuum cleaner.  But, I had to go to a vacuum repair shop, All Vacuum Depot, in Brea, California, to get some advice as to how to unclog my vacuum.  The owner, Mike, was  amazed that I did not like the Miele.   He then proceeded to show me the more popular brands that people were buying and how deficient they are.  One brand he showed me had no bag but collected the debris in a see through plastic chamber.  What he seemed to push was that the Miele was a most healthy device.  The filters and collection bag were extremely efficient in collecting the vacuumed up material and not resending it back into the room.  I reflected upon his viewpoint and have now reconsidered my recommendation.  My main complaint with the Miele was it was getting clogged time after time and it required me to dismantle the bottom plate.   I think most homes would not have the floor debris that we have.  I have two teenagers that litter every room in the house it seems with all kinds of annoying objects.  It does not take much to block this vacuum cleaner.   I was then shown a secret door behind the unit that just required undoing two screws.


Access door.
Clean out door.

Miele has a special tool, called Miele S7 Cleaning Tool o7431700, that is used by repair technicians for cleaning out any obstructions.  I did find this for sale on the internet.  After opening this door, you have access to five channels for the vacuum air flow and using this tool makes the unit work again.


I recommend this vacuum cleaner but the buyer should be made aware of my concerns about the unit getting clogged.  Just about every vacuum cleaner gets clogged but this one is a pain if you do not know about the secret door and don’t have the cleaning tool.

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