Otter Box Samsung Galaxy S3 Defender Series Phone Case With Belt Clip Product Review

Otter Box Samsung Galaxy S3 Defender Series Phone Case With Belt Clip Product Review

July 20, 2012 I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 Defender Series Otter Box cell phone cover from the manufacturer.  Item No: 77-21086_A.  The price was $49.95 but when sales tax and shipping was totaled I paid $69.70.   The case came as 4 pieces.  I had to put the phone into a hard shell case which comprised a top and bottom piece.  Over this hard shell was a rubber cover that provided the soft landing protection.  The final piece was a belt clip.  The soft rubber outer case began to slowly expand out from the hard inner shell.  This expansion process was gradual but really got annoying after having the case around six months.  It was getting difficult to put the phone into the belt clip.  The rubber was too wide and would hit the top clip stopping the final hold.

The company does have a product warranty that is quite good but does require that you provide four separate images of the front, rear, damaged part and receipt.  Their replacement period is one year but I was told that they often times extend that time.

Summery:  I am somewhat neutral about this product for the model I purchased.  The company needs to improve the outer rubber part of the case so it does NOT expand over time.  This is really a significant problem for those people who use the belt clip  and may not be for those who do not.

  1.  When the case is new, it is pretty darn awesome.  I am annoyed with the outer rubber expanding and interfering with the belt clip over time.
  2. I just do not see any women buying the belt clip model.  My son loved the case for the first six months until the flap used to protect the power connection broke.  This also seemed to happen about six months after he purchased the unit.  He would slide the case into his pocket.  The outer rubber is resistant enough to keep the phone inside the pants pocket which is nice

TIP:  I am a ham radio operator.  I am very aware of the hazard to the humane body when you place any device that transmits radio waves close to the body, especially the head.  There are some reports of individuals getting brain cancer from cell phones and two way radios usage.  I found it quite easy to install black wrap into the belt clip using double stick tape.  This protective layer should help diminish the cell phone radiation from entering my body.

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