Going To War In Syria – I Detect The US Is Being Played.

Going To War In Syria – I Detect The US Is Being Played.

Hearing that the Syrian leadership has allegedly used chemical weapons to kill parts of its own population seems to be the most stupid development by Syria’s government.   Knowing that this should draw the United States and other countries into the conflict is either a colossal misstep or a calculation that might gain the Assad regime some advantage.  Lets look at the countries that support Syria and see their motivations.

If it is the wishes of Russia, China or Iran to draw the western powers into this conflict makes one think where is the benefit to the countries pulling the strings and how does Assad gain anything.

China wants to expand its role in Asia.  The United States is the principal opponent to those plans.  Pushing the United States into another war would further tax the US military and may so diminish the US power that China might feel embolden to pursue more aggressive expansion.

Russia oligarchy allegedly wants to continue to strip wealth out of their country and would love to have a free hand in doing so with less attention.  With the whole world focused on Syria, the Russian problem will be barely noticed.

Iran’s principal opponent is Israel and the United States is solidly behind that country.  Israel is probably planning to bomb Iran’s nuclear facility some time in the near future but may pull back from those plans if their principal ally is embroiled in another war.

As for Assad, he could easily have made a financial deal to gain wealth from this agreement and political asylum if the outcome turns against him.

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