Customer Interface Is Friendly But Slightly Flawed Process

Customer Interface Is Friendly But Slightly Flawed Process

A student with a medical problem could not attend the first day of classes at Santiago Canyon College, a junior college in Orange California. The student sent all the faculty she was to take classes from e-mail notifying them that she may not be able to attend the first day of class. The notification was sent on Friday before the Monday classes began, thinking she was giving two days notice. Two of the faculty, allegedly, did not read their e-mail and gave the student’s classroom seat to other students. The faculty claimed they did not have enough time to read all their e-mail.

This blog sent the college a request for their drop policy. The request was made August 25, 2011 and no reply has yet been received.

We do rate this college extremely high for friendliness. It seems that the college president has mandated a friendly policy which is most apparent when you interact with any of the college staff and faculty.  It is our opinion that they really need to provide a more friendly business process.

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