Amsterdam Restaurant: Greenwoods

Amsterdam Restaurant: Greenwoods

May 28, 2014 we dinned at Greenwoods Amsterdam restaurant.  It has excellent Internet reviews.  It is very small inside and very little room to move around.  The food was excellent.  I was utterly amazed watching the waitress and cook, only two people, work so hard to provide meals and drinks.

outsideThe image above shows the outside of this rather small restaurant.

mapThe map above shows the exact location which is Singel 103 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Phone is +31 20 623 7071.  Be advised, this place is very popular, small, and fills up early.  I strongly recommend that you make a reservation!  We arrived with eight people five minutes after it opened, without reservations, and were very lucky to be seated together.   It opens up at 9:30 am and closes at 5:00 pm.

restaurant-insideThere is a very small dining area at the front of this restaurant and there is also some outside seating.  This restaurant is not that deep in dimension so not very far back is the kitchen area.  The two people you see in the image above are the only staff that were working the day we attended this restaurant.  I asked the waitress when they get a break and she replied, not until about four in the afternoon.  They were hustling quite fast the whole time we were in the restaurant.

kitchenThis young man is the only cook and he puts out some amazing dishes.  The kitchen is, in my opinion, extremely small.

Egg Omelet
Egg Omelet

The omelet above was the daily special (not on their menu).  My wife had this and said it was excellent.

Eggs Royal
Eggs Royal is poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce that rests on salmon slices.

In the image above is Eggs Royal  consisting of two poached eggs and smoked salmon on toasted English muffins, topped with Hollandaise sauce.  This was my breakfast choice and it was excellent.

Be aware that the bathroom is extremely small.  It is just behind the kitchen.  The outer door opens into a very small room that reveals the bathroom door.

I am still amazed that these two people can run this restaurant and put out such good meals.  I strongly recommend this place.

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