Google Allegidly Denies Proper Adsense Control.

Google Allegidly Denies Proper Adsense Control.

This web site has been in existence since 2006.  The web site started just after taking a web development class at a California State university.  The class was excellent.  Some time, not sure when, I enrolled in Google’s Adsense.  This is an application where you can join Google and they will help place their managed advertisements into your web site and pay you some small amount of money for showing their advertisements.  A web site can begin costing you just over fifty dollars a year including domain name registration or more depending upon how smart your decisions are setting up your web site.  I was hoping that Adsense might help me defray some of my hosting fees.  This process began running off the rails when I used my university e-mail.  At the time, I was a full time staff member.  I was totally unaware that, probably because I had take that web site class, the university made a student e-mail account for me.  When I signed up for Google Adsense I used my supposed staff e-mail which had the same user name but apparent different passwords.  For some incredibly stupid reason, the unknown by me, my student e-mail may have been substituted instead of my staff e-mail into the Adsense process.  The alleged criminal act of theft took place at some point when Google assumed that a student account could not own a web site.  By having a “.edu” at the end of my e-mail account and apparently having that e-mail arise out of a university student list suddenly makes it the property of the university?  What an incredible conclusion and near criminal theft.  Does this mean that the university now owns my car and home because I have an .edu at the end of my e-mail address?  How colossal stupid can you get?

Web site looses Google Adsense  account to state university
 Google Adsense account login is diverted to a state university

To try to regain possession of my Adsense account, I am prompted to follow a series of steps starting at the Google Adsense web page.   After I finish doing the Adsense login, I am told that “Your Google Account is managed by  I am then sent to the university student portal and then to the a web page entitled Google Apps where it dead ends.  I am told to contact the university Google Account Manager.  The university does not have one.  The reason for this is student e-mail accounts were shut down on the university servers years ago and transferred to Google.

I continually run into this prejudice where students are not thought to be adults by universities and businesses.  They switch views when students pay their fees or students come in with their parents.  Now I see that Google allegidly may have same prejudice against students.

August 18, 2018 a few days after putting up this post, an IT person at my university who I respect,  called to inform me that this problem was all Google’s fault.  Google allegedly assumes that if you are a student at a college or university that your web site creations are the property of the university if you use your student e-mail.  I thus lost control of my Adsense account because Google saw my Adsense login as being a student.  If Google did indeed take this approach, how utterly imbecilic, moronic, halfwitted or if you did not get the meaning of those prior terms, stupid!

The university campus IT person advised me to use another Adsense account which I had already done to bypass this problem.  But, any profit in the old account, I will never know about.   Banks and airlines tack on fees to gain extra profit.  Google, allegedly, only needs to obfuscate and be stupid in its policies to gain profit.

If anyone else runs into problems with Google Adsense, there is another option for you to consider.   Individual companies want their advertisements placed into your web site.  This process is typically called “affiliate program”.  If you look at the bottom of each page of this web site, you will see two affiliate advertisements.  One is from Linksky and the other from Namecheap.  I use both those products to help serve this web site for you.  Just read carefully how each program works.  Some of your best paying affiliate offers require that you read page after page of legal stipulations.  I advise you to read every word and abide by their requirements.


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