Ford Escape, 2006, Cargo Mat Replacement

Ford Escape, 2006, Cargo Mat Replacement

Our family has a 2006 Ford Escape which my daughter picked out in a used car lot.  I wanted a Toyota but my daughter liked the dash of the Escape.  Personally, there are a lot of thinks I do not like about the Escape.  One of the many deficiencies is the back trunk cover rug.

Original Ford Escape cargo mat.

It, more than any feature of the car indicates the engineering cheapness.  It should stand as an indicator of the car company screwing the customer with cheap product.  November, 2015, I finally got fed up and replaced the cargo mat.  I went to Home Depot and purchased a 3 foot by 5 foot medium duty mat made from 94% recycled material.  It is made by Apache Mills.  Barcode: 086364028249.  I laid the existing car mat upside down upon the new mat which was also laid upside down.

Image shows the Ford Escape cargo mat upside down and placed on top of the Apache Mills mat, also upside down prior to cutting.

I used the original car mat to cut the new mat.  I good heavy duty scissors is all that is needed.

Image shows the original car cargo mat on top of the new Apache Mills mat cut to exact size.

It took less than ten minutes to cut the new mat to size.

Image shows finished cargo mat in place.

In the above image, you can see that the mat looks way better.  The mat will not slide around like the original mat which was our main complaint.  When we placed items on the former mat the mat would slide around when we made turns. The new mat is heavy and stiff and because it is cut exactly to fit the cargo walls, it will not slide around.

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