ISIS Believes It Is Working For God

ISIS Believes It Is Working For God

One of the main ISIS beliefs is that it thinks it is working for God.  This is so unbelievably wrong for so many reasons.

First:  If there is a god, he or she must be the most profound uncaring narcissist and scum bag if that entity actually wishes to see individuals tortured, enslaved and killed.

Second:  If there is a god he or she must actually be a bad god much like the devil if that god wants to destroy instead of build and create.

Third: How did god make it known that any person was told to kill another?  How did god tell anyone that a while army should war upon another group?  The answer is that some fecal brain cell cleric some where tells his followers that he knows god’s wishes.  In other words, this cleric is a mental depraved person using his religion to gain control over his flock for personal gain.  This rather succinctly explains how ISIS  “leadership” works.  This also partly explains why countries that practice the separation of church and state do not get screwed up as easily.

Forth: In reality there is no actual god.  But there is the need to believe in god.  There are a whole long list of reasons to believe.  One reason is history.  Religion has been passed down so powerfully that we can not come to challenge its teachings.  Most importantly, religion is a pretty darn good comfort mechanism.  It is rather creative and clever for making us feel better when our life does not go so well.  You believe in some super being to explain everything that we can not explain such as how was the universe created?  We just can not believe that we will die and leave this life because it is so wondrous and we are so into it. We just can not conceive of this all ending for us.  So, the concept of heaven was made up.  We can not accept that we will never see our mother and father when they die so we believe that we will see them again in heaven.  On and on it goes, all made up fairy tails.  I will never challenge any individuals religion because it is a comfort to them. The problem typically arises when any individual believes in a god actually existing so fervently that they will then come under some cleric’s control.  No individual should lick the boots of the cleric or follow that person like a lemming.

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