PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit

Pay Pal web site communication sent November 24, 2015:

“I made an E-Bay purchase.  I thought my credit card on file was good but evidently it was not.  Home Depot was hacked and I was issued a new credit card.  I must have failed to update my E-Bay account, not sure.  I get a bill by mail telling me I owe $17.  Evidently my charges were made into a loan.  I never use loans.  I pay everything by credit card and am against starting any loan.  I checked my past e-mail and found no notice of this.  The original purchase was for $20 but I got a $10 credit for some reason.  In just a couple of months the bill rose up by $7.  I consider that a criminal interest rate.  I am sent an opportunity to respond to a survey but when I tried to use it it had timed out.  I recently sent a check for $20 to cover any other alleged criminal level interest rates.”

Quite some time later I got a check in the mail for $3 from Pay Pal Credit.

PayPal Credit is not recommended.


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