Why Does The World Seem To Be Shifting To The Political Right?

Why Does The World Seem To Be Shifting To The Political Right?

Some examples of right shifting:

U.S.A = The Republican Party has split into two separate parties, the old Republican Party and the new far right.

Israel = The vast majority of citizens populate the political right.  The political left is an insignificant minority.

Turkey =  The current ruler, an egoist, is using right wing tactics to hold and expand his power.  He will jail any dissenter but fails to protect his citizens from terrorism.  He seems to use terrorism as a means to point to external threats to enhance his position.

Russia = Putin, the countries current massive ego dictator is using his propaganda machine to control his people much like the former Third Reich in spite of invading countries much less capable of defense or in the case of Syria to project “his” influence.  The population seems to follow and approve Putins play writing like lemmings.  There is no chance of unseating this right wing ruler and anyone who may succeed him will be no different.

The right wing hugging that is going on may be due to the fact that most countries have failed foreign policy.  Promoting a perceived or real threat seems to be a common tactic for getting or maintaining power.   Israel has utterly failed to solve the Palestinian problem.  Russian Putin’s ego necessitates that he be treated as a world leader equal and not regional power.  The United States has a huge middle class population that have been screwed by the rich for centuries.  Turkey has a ruler that is self absorbed to the point of jailing anyone who posts any Internet criticism.  This same ruler seems to refuse to negotiate with the PPK because it serves his needs to have an external threat.


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