PayPal Review

PayPal Review

For me using PayPal has been a pain and comes close to a scam operation.  I made past purchases using PayPal but for some reason some charge(s) gets shifted over to their credit unit.  I always pay off all my purchases immediately using my credit card.  I never carry a balance.  I see no reason PayPal credit unit should get involved.  When that department does get involved they charge huge late fees for any small amount.  I got so pissed off at this practice that I asked to have my complete PayPal accounts closed Feb 1, 2017.  The person I talked to was instructed to pay any balance and close the account.    May 21, 2017 I found that I had a $3.39 balance outstanding which now had risen to $19.39 because of late fees.  I talked to a very nice woman and authorized payment, got the late fees taken away.  I asked to have my account closed out, for a second time, with the admonition that I never want to do business with this company again.

When I contact any company and want to close out my account, I do NOT want to hear from them again!  If I get any more notices of still owing money, I will contact state and federal regulatory agencies as well as Internet product review web sites to report this alleged criminal activity.  Not recommended!

See also Consumer Affairs rating for Pay Pal (1 out of 5):

Updated: April 7, 2018

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