Brick And Mortar Stores Need To Quit Being Stupid

Brick And Mortar Stores Need To Quit Being Stupid

My wife and I open our postal mail once a month.  We get paid once a month.  Our bills arrive once a month.  I pay electronically my bills at the beginning of the month.  My wife stacks a whole months of snail mail on my desk.  I just opened REI’s  Anniversary Sale booklet showing your sale took place May 19 – 29, 2017.  Today is June 5th.  We missed the sale.  My point is this.  Brick and mortar stores are failing not because of the Internet totally but also because, in part, the store buyers are stupid by not realizing that the way people buy today is not how people purchased yesterday.  I try to buy local because I want to support my local stores. I can get the product TODAY if a local store has what I want.  A local store has some advantages.  But, it seems that local stores do know how to leverage their advantage.  Most often they do not stock product that I want.  How some large local store chains select what to stock on their shelves is a mystery to me.  In some cases, it makes no sense.  Also, when I see store shelves party empty, I know that store or corporate management is lacking.  Sears is failing because they failed to stick to their core client needs.  Brick and mortar stores need to get smarter to survive.  Brick and mortar stores need to realize that they may have to react way faster to local and national buying trends.  Brick and mortar stores need to realize mistakes right away and rectify them as soon as possible.  They really need to pay attention  to the shifting marketplace and not stick to the old ways.  My point is REI made a mistake with me and I know I speak for more people.  Act intelligently and you might survive!

Best of luck, REI.
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Revised April 6, 2018

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