E-Bay Not Recommended Because Payments Are LInked To PayPal

E-Bay Not Recommended Because Payments Are LInked To PayPal

I ordered a television table top swivel mount from E-Bay.  The company who I ordered the item from is BulbsOutlet.   I paid with my bank credit card.  A day later I get a notification that my payment went through PayPal, which I despise.  The order is sent to my e-mail and includes the following:  “This email confirms that you have paid Ness Electronics, Inc.”  I call this company and talk to a very nice fellow who educates me. Anything you buy on E-Bay, the payment process goes through Pay-Pal.  When I purchase, using my credit card, I see no reason that the transaction should go through PayPal.  That ends my buying anything more from E-Bay.

Amazon is recommended.
Ebay not recommended.
PayPal not recommended.


Note: There is possibly a way to purchase an Ebay item and not go through PayPal.  The transaction will go through your credit card: “How to Buy on eBay Without PayPal

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