Does The Shocking New York Times Article Have Another Purpose?

Does The Shocking New York Times Article Have Another Purpose?

Was there any secret purpose to release to the New York Times the shocking story: F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia? Or, was this story just the result of darn good reporters digging this stuff up? Let’s examine a couple of reasons why someone in the FBI, Muller’s investigation group or the New York court system might have informed the New York Times about the facts behind this story to the Times:

#1) Some government employee just might have secretly released the details to the New York Times, to better tie the hands of incoming Attorney General, William P. Barr who Trump seems to have picked knowing of Barr’s opposition to the Mueller’s investigation and may shut it down.

#2) Another possibility is that Mueller, might have some proof that President Trump knowingly colluded with the Russians. Someone close to that investigation would realize that selling this “fact” to the American public is not a one step process of drawing the curtain away suddenly to reveal. A way better tactic is to more slowly show the “facts” to the public. It might be way more intelligent to turn the public’s attention toward the curtain and slowly slide the reveal from under the curtain, inch by inch. The New York Times article could be the first glimpse of what is to come next.

Posted January 12, 2019

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