Extended Stay America Hotel – Seattle – Everett – Silverlake Area Review

Extended Stay America Hotel – Seattle – Everett – Silverlake Area Review

1431 112th St SE, Everett, WA 98208
(425) 337-1341
Room being evaluated: 217

I have been in hotels and motels that look to be above the norm. They look this way entering and the lobby and front desk areas but as you progress to you assigned room the experience diminishes a bit. You might find your room to be a bit smaller than you expected.

Our stay at Extended Stay, Everett, Washington was all mediocre all the way from front door to our assigned room. What is special is the cost, quite reasonable. Also, our room was rather large and had a near complete kitchen which includes a microwave, refrigerator, stove, sink, cupboards, dishes, and silverware. There are no pots, pans, and cooking utensils like graters, large stirring spoons, etc.

Our room also had a couch that could be turned into a bed. We did use this but had to ask for sheets, pillows and blankets which were provided rather quickly.

The TV was oddly placed between the bed and pull out bed but not facing either direction. I guess all you had to do is rotate the TV to watch it from the bed or the pull out sofa bed.

The closet, if you can call it that, had no coat hangers. The shower was ok but there was no heater in that room, as you some times find at some other hotels. The towels were adequate size for me but you might find them a bit small.

The two separate windows appeared to be double in that they looked to be two windows each with two pains of glass, four total glass. If you want fresh air, you must open both sets of windows. This attention to detail allowed me to guess that they also put in really good wall insulation.  The room did not seem to change temperature when we turned the heater off during our first two days (out of 4) even though the outside air temperature was very close to freezing.  We turned the heater off in the morning when we left and turned it on again when we arrived back at night around 10 pm.

Our room heater/AC unit was in the wall below one of the large windows next to the queen size bed. That heater was the main disappointment for a number of reasons:
There was absolutely no way to set the room temperature easily, accurately, and quickly. There was no thermostat to set a temperature nor was there any room thermometer to view the results.
The device had only a dial for you to set the temperature by guessing. So, you had to keep adjusting the temperature dial until you got a rather good room temperature. I tried to adjust the temperature at least a dozen times and never could get it set correctly.
The heater would cycle between shooting out warm and then cool air. This device was next to the bed so it was quite annoying to experience these temperature swings.
We stayed 4 nights but the third night the heater began to show failure. The last night the unit failed totally to heat. Only the fan choice worked. The outside temperatures at the end of November were below freezing at night and in the low 40’s during the day. The room construction seemed to be fairly good because with no new heat coming into the room, the temperature did not drop all that much.

The workout room within Extended Stay is pathetic, only two exercise devices. I am a member of LA Fitness and found the closest one about 1.27 miles away from our hotel. Each day, I walked to that facility by crossing over the 5 freeway bridge and then walking north along a pedestrian and bicycle path to the gym. That LA Fitness gym was huge and had way more workout devices than my gym in Orange County, Southern California.  I really do recommend LA Fitness in Everett.

Our last night at this hotel turned out to be quite amazing. We were returning from seeing a movie, about ten o-clock at night, and tried to turn into the long private driveway to Extended Stay but the roadway was full of police vehicles and a couple of private cars. I counted at east 15 vehicles blocking that driveway, none were moving.

We parked next door at a business and walked back to talk to a police officer to figure out when we could park our car within the Extended Stay hotel. We were told that they were waiting for a police officer supervisor to arrive as a police vehicle was rammed and that required a higher ranking office to examine the situation. The officer told us his best guess was about midnight. My son moved the car back to the hotel at midnight.

I decided to see if I could find out what this police action and this is a reply:

-Officers located a wanted suspect at the location. Upon contact, the suspect tried fleeing and drove down the sidewalk before colliding with a patrol vehicle.

-Due to the nature of the crime and the dynamics of the arrest, officers created a crime scene so the incident could be investigated. Ultimately, the suspects vehicle was impounded and a patrol car had to be towed.

Summary:  I do recommend this hotel because the price is reasonable and the rooms are quite doable but only if they fix the heater/AC systems for each room.


Posted Dec 2, 2019
Updated: December 7, 2019
Updated: December 10, 2019

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