We are looking for energetic, willful individuals to work for the president of the United States.  You will be working for our President Donald Trump in a fully dedicated capacity where your existence is subordinate to the leadership of the party and the presidency in every way.
Your duties will vary depending upon the needs and whims of the president. Your own concerns over any issues are of no consequence.  You are to offer blind obedience to our leader.  You are to flatter our leader in every situation you find yourself with him.  You are never to contradict our president.
If you are very willing to work in an environment explained in the text above then we want you to consider joining us to make America Great Again.  We need a few really good followers to totally bend to the wishes of our leader so we can move ahead with his plans.  If you think you might qualify for employment with us then look over the following list of requirements that we require.
Here is a list of expected qualifications for employment:
  • You must not be concerned with the truth.
  • Devotion and flattery toward our leader and also step in unison with lower ranking leadership is a requirement.
  • Accept and continue to function with willful ignorance of any contrary facts to those presented to you by our leader and party officials.
  • You must be willing to act according to the values, beliefs and principles of our leader and not your own.
  • If you did poorly in school that does not matter, having a low IQ is preferred.
  • You must prove to us that you have a low interest for the facts.
  • You must accept, with blind obedience, the decisions of people who have offices of authority above you.
  • Being a part of an alleged corrupt organization must not bother you.   We ask for devotion not intellect.
  • If asked to create media propaganda, you must be willing and able to create a believable fiction.
  • Working for Russia is a side function requirement which must not bother you.


Posted December 4, 2019

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