Donation Conundrum Of Giving Home Improvement Supplies.

Donation Conundrum Of Giving Home Improvement Supplies.

My wife was on me to clean out our garage.    One type of items that were in our garage were from prior home improvement projects, mostly electrical parts.  I went on the Internet to find places that might take construction and home improvement items for donations.  I tried to call Habitat For Humanity but no one would pick up the phone.  I decided to drive there which took almost a half hour but they would not accept any of the items.  Like Good Will, they want to sell the items for profit.  I then drove to a local Salvation Army donation site which advertised they would accept donations until 6:30.   I arrived at 4:35 and it was closed.   I then drove to Goodwill but their store would never sell electrical supplies.  I called Home Depot to ask them who would take a donation.  The person replied that if their store still sells the items, I might get a store credit.  I had two rolls of large plastic of different size, used to shield part of the floors and walls during my texture coat with drywall compound.  I drove to Home Depot to show them the remaining rolls I had for each plastic type.  They gave me a store credit for $118.13!  I find that Home Depot gave me so much money when the plastic rolls in each container were almost halve used!  Home Depot return policy is utterly FANTASTIC!  I was told that they will not put this plastic on the floor to sell again but ship it back to the supplier.

I am still looking to donate two really large boxes of miscellaneous house electrical components.  One of the store employees suggested contacting the Catholic Church.  I was told they will take anything.  I will give that a try.



Posted 10-10-2020
Revised 10-11-2020

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