The Alleged Utter Incompetence Of Some Businesses.

The Alleged Utter Incompetence Of Some Businesses.

October 2020

AAA keeps changing our separate billing that my wife and I have for our separate accounts.  For example, I have a personal umbrella insurance, to only cover me, but all of a sudden my wife appears on the billing for this account.  I was sent a rebate check for an account that my wife was paying for.  They keep changing our billing.

The Week Magazine had me log in with one of my e-mail addresses and then gave me an account number.  I tried to renew the publication and used my e-mail address in the first login field and the account number in the second field.  This did not work. I called customer service and they said to add one or two zero’s before my account number and see if that would work.  It did not.  I decided to select the option that I forgot my password.  I had this company send me the procedures to reset.  I followed those procedures.  I was asked to check my e-mail for the account.  Nothing appeared in my e-mail account or my junk folder.
I then went to this web site:   My login did work using my e-mail and account number.  This process took way too long to complete.

COSTCO  sent me, by snail mail, an offer for receiving a $20 shop card if I signed up for a auto renewal for my account.  The offer described going to  They gave me a Membership Number.   I already had a COSTCO login for my account with them.  When I went to that web site address and logged in there was absolutely NO indication,  no offer, to get a FREE $20 Costco Shop Card.   

POPULAR MECHANICS sent me a snail mail bill showing that I owed $12.00 but if I pay now I get a -$3.00 reduction making my new bill $9.00.  Included in the snail mail envelope was a small flyer “PAY INSTANTLY AT  I do not like making out checks and mailing the payments so I went to their web site address.  At that web site they allow me to pay the full amount but not the three dollar savings.    I decided to call them and wade through their rather long automated phone responses to talk to a liver person.  That person was able to give me the discount.  Why is it that the letter they sent me included a web site for payment card which failed to offer the discount?

BEST GUESS:  It is my best guess that these companies utterly fail to shop their own product.  What I mean by this is they do not seem to take the time to try to put themselves into the role of customer and try to log into their test customer account, view their account, buy their product.

ANOHER ISSUE:   It pains me to spend extra time to get anything completed that goes beyond normal expected time to complete any purchase or resolving any problem.  I do not have time for YOUR company problems.


Posted: October 2, 2020
Updated: October 5, 2020

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