Sedition Of January 6, 2021 – Some Surprising Issues Revealed

Sedition Of January 6, 2021 – Some Surprising Issues Revealed

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Sedition Of January 6, 2021 – Some Surprising Issues Revealed

As a United States citizen and trying to follow the news closely, I have been somewhat shocked to witness a very large number of apparent quick changes in what has taken place in the past 5 years when measured to the new direction that the United States is taking with the recent appointment of Joe Biden in 2021 as US President.  I decided to try to list all the switch backs and turns, that in my mind, really show themselves and there are quite a few.  I think this is a personal effort to first understand some recent events and then get over these tumultuous events that are bothering me to help retain some personal sanity.  

Let me state a bias I have.  I do like our democratic form of government.  I know that it needs to be improved but that is probably also true with each of us.  I just recently came to realize that our nation just might slide to becoming a dictatorship and I will fight like hell to not let that happen.  Part of making this a better nation is to reflect what took place, analyze almost everything, improve what we can for the betterment of all, criticize when necessary and praise good deeds and results.

My second bias is I personally feel good when I can help another person or animal.  This is selfish of me for getting this reward but it seems to be good.  This and my other blog articles are, I guess, my selfish desire to do good for you.

Following is not in any order of importance:

  • President Donald Trump was more stupid and selfish  than most had realized.  If he had not incited the rioters to march to the capitol building as part of his speech January 6, 2021, he would not be the first president in our history to be impeached twice.  If he had just kept his mouth shut about marching, history’s trajectory for the United States would not have  bent so badly. 
  • A number of Republican congress men and women are not willing to protect the United States form of government, which someone should tell them should be a democracy.
  • The Republican Party is fractured, way less cohesive now than it appeared in 2020.  The party is on the brink of breaking apart.
  • The Republican Party was poorly administered.  They allowed a self centered, selfish leader of the party to run amuck.  There was no supervision that amounted to anything from Mitch McConnell and other party leaders to control Trump.  History books may well measure these events as profound failures of a party and some individuals.
  • The January 6, 2021, attack on Congress really revealed what maybe the most singular reason our nation is divided because white people feel they are being outnumbered leading to beliefs and resulting fears of loosing power and control leading to efforts to cement white supremacy into our nation.   
  • Quite a few Republicans utterly failed to respect whole blocks of citizens votes during the 2020 election in an effort to perform an illegal overturn of the citizens will.  Republicans need to understand that this country is owned and administered by the people through the process of voting.
  • A really shocking revelation, up to the revolt, is how close the United States had come to being a dictatorship and some of us see how easy it would be to make this actual transformation in the future.
  • The complicity of large media giants toward aiding the shift away from democracy and away from the truth  was shocking to witness.

Alternative media (U.S. political right)

  • The rather large number of really lousy ways that the American public get their facts was revealed.

Americans Who Mainly Get Their News on Social Media Are Less Engaged, Less Knowledgeable

  • The actual beliefs that some American citizens hold are utterly false.  These people fail to understand the process of deterring facts and the follow up process of arranging good honest beliefs in their minds.

Americans’ struggles with truth, accuracy and accountability

  • A number of media organizations and web sites are apparently propaganda vehicles serving up false claims and false views is way more than most people realized.
  • It is interesting to witness some children of some very important parents swing toward the good or bad side of things.
    • Keith Rupert Murdoch’s son, James Murdoch, rejects some of the FOX “NEWS” approaches.  
    • President Trump’s children seem to support their father’s views and way of doing things. 
  • It is very telling to see more friendliness and smiles for the people who work for President Biden than for Trump.
  • It is a refreshing shift to now see presidential policies for special interests businesses and groups be rejected and Biden do a fast turn toward to what is best for the whole nation.
  • The prior administration of Trump rejected science.  The Biden administration seems to embrace the truth from science and is making policy adjustments accordingly.
  • For some citizens, this government and how it operates does not work for them.  This might be one of the reasons Trump achieved a rather large following of voters.
  • The White House press briefings are way more polite, respectful ,and overall more civilized with the Biden administration than the Trump.
  • The Biden administration’s department head picks appear to be excellent, way better than Trump’s picks.
  • If we look backward to how we got here there is one rather powerful factor.  The “Supreme” Court decision in the Citizens United vs Federal Elections Commission which allowed big money to take rather silent influence and partial control of this nation and this seems to be at the root of some political corruption.  It seems rather far removed, for some, from the 2021 attack but the foundations of Democracy are being spoiled by big money corrosion.
  • Republican congress members avoid metal detectors.  One or more Republicans have carried guns into the House floor.
  • Each citizen’s attained level of education seems to be a factor for sustaining or thwarting the success or failure of our Democracy.

Trump corrupted the CDC.

Another rather shocking thing to witness, these past 4 years, was the number of President Trump boot lickers there were.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act pushed by Republicans and supported by Trump  is a $2.2 trillion economic stimulus bill passed by the 116th U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump on March 27, 2020.  But, the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) shows a massive windfall for a small group of wealthy taxpayers from a Republican provision in the coronavirus relief bill.  According to the JCT, 43,000 individual tax filers covered by one of the provisions would see their tax liability fall by a combined $70.3 billion in 2020.  The JCT analysis shows nearly 82 percent of those who will benefit from that provision make $1 million or more, with 95 percent making over $200,000.   The provisions  all together will reduce government revenue by $160 billion over ten years.   This is just another reason some refer to the United States as a plutocracy, not a democracy.


I reserve the right to add more items to the above list as I come to find them.


Document first created: January 21, 2021
Posted January 23, 2021
Updated February 1, 2021

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