Possible Results If Republicans Vote To Not Impeach.

Possible Results If Republicans Vote To Not Impeach.

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The impeachment trial of Donald Trump overwhelmingly proved that the president planned, executed and commanded that his rabble troops invade congress on  January 6, 2021.  The trial process proved beyond any doubt that Donald Trump must be impeached.  The trial also proved beyond any question that US laws were violated by the president by performing a number of criminal acts.   People were injured and died as a direct result of the invasion upon the Capitol.  Jail time and financial payment should be the future for Donald Trump. To do otherwise is abandonment from the intent and creation of our founding fathers for this form of government.

Due to the vast number of alleged Republican Party’s negative factors, their numerous self centered, self serving, issues will stand in the way for voting to impeach the president and may ruin that party in the future and diminish the standing of our great country.  Here is a list of possible negative factors:

It seems that the Republican Party has failed their country with these possible results:

  • The democratic process may be seen as flawed by some.  This may result in a lack of loyalty to country and personal commitment to the future political process.
  • The USA may be now a county of growing hypocrisy when dealing with foreign countries.  The USA pretends to stand for democracy but the USA is actually a  plutocracy.
  • The USA may now be a county of falseness for some of the United States constituents.  This may lower feelings of patriotism and commitment to government.
  • The US constituents may view that the rich and powerful can game the system.  The US legal system and political system may be seen as partially corrupt.

If the GOP does vote to convict Donald Trump for treason, the Republican Party has a chance to heal and better bind the nation to improve the country.




Posted February 12, 2021

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