Republican Business Failure

Republican Business Failure

The Republican Party has changed itself into a very difficult if not impossible political party due to it following a grossly flawed if not stupid philosophy. 

Not all Republicans have the following deficiencies, which I will list below.  Each Republican varies as to the how they accept or reject with the items listed below.

The management team of the GOP has the possible deficiencies:

  • Possessing a high enough IQ to understand future outcomes from their actions.
  • Correctly evaluating how their decisions impact the United States and their party now and in the future.
  • Understand their obligations to all citizens instead of the white minority population.  This factor alone is possibly the single most negative for the GOP and is so stupid which paints all these people as stupid. 

At the root of the GOP failure it their inferior product: 

  • Pander to white supremacy.
  • Diminish minority interests.
  • Expand the interests of white minority.
  • Pander to industrial military complex by unlimited funding and very little oversight for proposed weapon improvements and existing weapons.
  • Neo fascist propensity.
  • Control of the election process in attempts to achieve election victory for their candidates.  These controls are often times unethical if not a crime.  A list of some election controls follows from various states:
    • Geremandering
    • Voter suppression:
      • Removal of US mail in ballots.
      • Removal of US mail drop points.
      • Shortening of voting periods.
      • Require election officials to verify voters’ signatures.
      • Limit the number and location for ballot drop-boxes.
      • Eliminate the state’s permanent mail-voting list.
      •  Require voters to apply for mail ballots before each election.
      • Stop counties from automatically mailing early ballots if they do not use them often enough.
      • Remove voters from the state’s “Early Voting List” if they fail to submit an early ballot at least once every two election cycles.
      • Give partisan election observers more power to raise objections.
      • Required people offering voters assistance to stay at least 150 feet (45 m) away from polling places, an increase from the previous 100-foot (30-m) radius

Summary:  The Republican Party, when it adds voting requirements beyond what is reasonable, is violating the sovereign power that each US citizen possesses.  Each US citizen holds ownership of the United States and as such should possess extreme power and authority in the operation and regulation of the country.  No one must interfere with the individual citizen’s ownership rights to choose who will work for their interests.  This is similar to US citizens owning a company called the United States and as owners they hire the staff of the business to correctly operate it with their supreme oversight.  At no point should the business management fail to perform business operations that work against the owners of the company.


Posted:  September 30, 2021

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