VORNADO Room Heater Fails To Turn On. Not True.

VORNADO Room Heater Fails To Turn On. Not True.

VORNADO Room Heater Fails To Turn On. Not True.


There is NOTHING wrong with this heater.  The problem was user error.

This is the product Information found at the bottom of the box which the heater comes in:

  • EN1-0097-85
  • ITM./ART.  1415862

I purchased this room heater February 15, 2022.  After unpacking the unit out of the box it came in, I plugged it in but the heater would not come on.  I tried the heater in three different AC outlets and still the heater would NOT come on.  Just by chance I found the reason.  There is a safety on/off switch at the bottom of the unit.  If you turn the unit upside down, you will find what looks like a small post leg.  It is actually a switch.  You can easily rotate this protrusion.   This device moves slightly in and out of the heater body.  If this device is out from the bottom just a little from the normal bottom of the heater it will shut off.  Thus, if the unit tips over the unit will turn off because this spring loaded plunger type device will extend and shut off the switch it is connected. 

But, I found that the surface that the heater rests on must be flat and level so the safety switch is moved upward into the unit to turn the unit on.   I had made the mistake of placing the heater down upon a desk where a thin plastic ID card was under the heater.  This thin card was enough to lift the heater up and shut the safety switch off.

So far, I do like this heater.



Posted February 16, 2022
Improved H1:  July 11, 2022

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