Kaiser May Be Out Of Touch With Recent Alzheimers Research

Kaiser May Be Out Of Touch With Recent Alzheimers Research

My mother suffered for years from having Alzheimers Disease.  The disease is simply awful and I do not want to get it.  I found that taking Viagra (sildenafil) can help protect men from getting this disease.

“Because our findings only establish an association between sildenafil use and reduced incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, we are now planning a mechanistic trial and a phase II randomized clinical trial to test causality and confirm sildenafil’s clinical benefits for Alzheimer’s patients,” Cheng explains.

  But, you need a prescription to take Viagra.  I sent my Kaiser doctor a message asking that I get a prescription.  This is the doctor’s reply:

“I asked our neurologist and he is not aware of any indication for sildenafil (Viagra) use for prevention of alzheimer’s.”

Next I discovered that coffee might help to ward off alzheimers:

Other observational studies have been conducted with healthy volunteers and the results have been mixed. Some have shown a protective effect against Alzheimer’s disease, some have shown a protective effect only in women, while others have shown no effect at all.

I am now trying to drink more coffee every day.





Posted:   February 17, 2022

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