Ambient Weather Station WS2000 Failed To Send Data To A Web Site. SOLVED.!

Ambient Weather Station WS2000 Failed To Send Data To A Web Site. SOLVED.!

I currently have a WS2000 weather station (highly recommend) which sends it’s readings to a terrific desktop terminal and if you want also to a web site.  This whole system functioned perfectly until I decided to install a better WiFi router, Archer AX75 (highly recommend).  I obviously have to reconnect the weather station system to the new router.  The weather display console does show my router and I ask the display to connect but I never see a “Connected” response.  The weather display was located quit a distance from the router but half the distance between router and the weather station device.  I reasoned that the display was picking up the weather station readings.  I wanted the display to work with both router and weather station and should be close to both.  Problem at my home is the router is at one end of the house and the weather station is at the other end of our back yard.  I also removed an old router that was very close to the weather display.  The web site displaying the WS2000 station results were not updating.  What a pain.  It took hours to solve this problem.   I finally went into my iPhone cell phone application for my router called Tether and found QoS (Quality of Service) setting under Tools and added my WS2000 to receive priority connection to the Archer AX75 router.  The router lists all the devices connected.  I found the weather display address behind the plastic hinge allowing the display to stand vertical.  It is this single address that I selected from a long list of devices shown as router clients.


Now when I go to the website where I inserted the the WS2000 weather results, I now see current updates!  

HURRAY!  (What a mysterious pain.)




Posted:  March 14, 2023

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