Why is the Republican Party going to the far right?

Why is the Republican Party going to the far right?

Why is the Republican Party going to the far right?

It is quite possible that individuals who embrace the current condition of the GOP political party possess some troubling personal personality issues.  Here is a list for you to consider of some factors that a citizen, a politician, fails to properly possess:

  • Some dictators have a good stage presence that attracts followers.  Donald Trump is an example.
  • Low level of compassion for others.  The individual only is concerned with self and not with us.  The individual has a high level of selfishness. 
  • Some individuals have a failure working with other people.  This person thinks their solution for problems is superior because they utterly fail to take the time to consider other peoples’s views, approaches and possibly other peoples better solutions.
      • RESULTS:  This is why some individuals hold lower value for non white people, women, gay, transgender, etc is because looking down on others elevates their own perceived value.  Diminishing others has become their belief system.
  • Some of the above factors puts an individual into a category of citizens who is now attracted to some disturbing groups of people.  This is because extreme social groups might support the flawed individual social beliefs and actions that seem to be mutually favorable such as cult and religion extremism.
  • The political process is a job that requires detecting what needs to be done for all the people to improve their lives.  A politician needs to do a good job analyzing what needs to be done and communicating with constituents the politician’s approach.  This requires that the politician have a conscientious outlook, good communication skills, organization skills and fairly good personal health to be able to put in the time to get the job done correctly.  Being a dictator allows an individual to not perform best for the nation.  A dictator can more easily make decisions that do not require getting anyone else’s permission.  A dictator can take short cuts.  A dictator can make decisions that work for the betterment of his/her rich friends.
  • There is a failure, for some individuals, to understand the distinct differences of a democracy versus a dictatorship that reveal obvious positive results for a whole nation under democratic rule and suppression of benefits under dictatorship for most citizens.
  • Failure to understand how a democracy works for the betterment of all citizens and not the selfish few.  This may help explain why some plutocrats support dictatorship form of government.  They seem to only understand what is best for themselves and/or do not care for what may be best for a whole nation of people.
  • Individuals who rise to the level of vast wealth become members of the plutocracy and can use their vast wealth to pay for self serving political legislation.  These very rich individuals, who have attained vast wealth from very lucrative enterprises, naturally are biased for favoring their industry at the expense of everyone outside their industry.  This typically leads to selfish bias not equality in the political process.  The National Rifle Association is just one example and has resulted in huge number of killings.
  • Every countries population has a moral, ethical and legal responsibility to deliver a business like country that is not a threat to their own citizens or any other country.  Ideally, every country should be honest and good for the betterment of the whole world.  Failure to adhere to this requirement brings shame upon the whole country. 
    Some current examples of this being violated follow:


Why is the Republican Party going to the far right?  That political party seems to have attracted severely flawed politicians and voters who seem to think in terms of self serving interests and not what is best for all.



Posted 4-15-2023

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