February 14, 2014, A Horrible War Starts.

February 14, 2014, A Horrible War Starts.

Vladimir Putin, the current ruler of Russia, started a war with Ukraine, a neighboring country.  Putin started this war by claiming that Ukraine needed to be demilitarized and de-Nazified.  On the very face of it, this is a stupid lie.

Estimates for how many people have been killed can be found here:  Russian War With Ukraine.

So it appears that a single Russian man with the name Putin, has the following flawed personality traits that makes him one of the worst “humane” beings ever existing on earth.  Here is a partial list describing this awful man:

    • Abhorrent,
    • Deceitful,
    • Dishonest,
    • Disgusting,
    • Crude,
    • Cruel,
    • Criminal,
    • Frightful,
    • Ghastly,
    • Gruesome,
    • Heinous,
    • Hideous,
    • Horrid,
    • Horrendous,
    • Intolerant,
    • Killer,
    • Lousy,
    • Murderer,
    • Selfish,
    • Self-centered,
    • Scandalous,
    • Stupid,
    • Unsophisticated.

It sort of follows that the Russian people carry with them also being responsible for the death of Russian soldiers as well as Ukrainian military and civilians.  This whole situation is wrong and individuals that promote this war  should be despised.



Posted:  4-18-2023

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