One Rather Stupid Purchase At JC Penney.

One Rather Stupid Purchase At JC Penney.

I really like JC Penney store for their bed sheets and I check out their men’s clothing every time I have to go to the nearby Apple Store.  In fact, I had just the day before sent all my immediate men friends and family a tip about a jacket and pants that I though was a terrific deal from JC Penney. 

(Cell phone text message follows)

“I go into the JC PENNY men’s clothing section looking for white long sleeve real light weight shirts (to avoid skin cancer and be cool). Today I found XERSION Tricot white light weight jacket and Track pants for total price $35.54!  INCREDIBLE PRICE! And the jacket has a full front zipper and internal pockets!”

But, June 4, 2023, I had what I consider a bad experience.  I purchased Perry Ellis Men’s Midnight EDT Spray 3.4 oz for $75.   When I got home, out of curiosity, I checked how much that spray would cost if I ordered it from the Internet.  The Amazon cost was $32.41.  I had paid $42.59 more at JC Penney!  Yikes!

When I checked my plastic bag, which the clerk put the product and receipt in, I noticed an advertisement that if I made my purchase during Father’s Day sale, a week from today, I would receive my choice of 4 free items.

I tried for over half an hour to talk to a JC Penney customer service person about the purchase so I could share my negative view I made today of my purchase, but I was on hold for such a long time that I tried another option.  I looked for an e-mail but only a Tweet account showed.  I tried that option but I had to go through such a ridiculous amount of security steps which ended not working.  So, I now have a new option for JC Penney that is diminished somewhat.   Contacting JC Penney appears to me to be way too difficult which is rather stupid, in my opinion.  There should be a simple e-mail option and fast phone service. 

I now have share with you, my mistake that I should have examined before I made my purchase.   Check Internet pricing.



Posted:  6-4-2023

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