Consider Running For A Republican Party Office.

Consider Running For A Republican Party Office.

Please contemplate running for a Republican Party office.  Listed next are some requirements and beliefs that our future Republican Party candidates should ponder and see if you agree with some of these party beliefs and ideals:

You should understand that Fascism is a way better form of government than Democracy.  You should not reveal that this is your intent.  You only need to impose it’s mission.   Democracy is so messy to administer while Fascism is singular in purpose and simple to install and enforce upon the public.  Also, a politician who portrays himself of her self as an authoritarian, often times comes across as being a decisive and powerful person.  The American public generally want strong leadership and will look past the actions you take if they can be seen as working for what is best for the ruling class and the party.    The modern Republican party is hurtling towards fascism.

As a fascist, you can believe that women should not have the right to an abortion, that women are not rulers of their bodies but men are.  You can outlaw abortions if you are a Republican.   Abortion was a 50/50 issue. Now, it’s Republican quicksand.

As a racist, you can ban books.  The rising Republican movement to defund public libraries.

If you agree that supporting the poor and vulnerable is a waste of money, then you are for being a Republican.

3 myths about the poor that Republicans are using to support slashing US safety net

You believe that no person can or should practice homosexual activities and beliefs.  You believe that every person was born heterosexual.  This is a wonderful way to exercise power because the homosexual community is very small and lacks power to oppose you.   Texas GOP platform embraces far-right and anti-gay rhetoric.

You agree that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by Democrats to thwart the business of mining, gas exploration and extraction.  The businesses of extraction can support Republican politicians financially to a significant level.   Extraction Oil Gas Gave 10 Million To Political Causes.

You believe that the NRA is not to blame in any way for gun violence in the United States and anyone should be able to buy a gun with no age restriction.  The NRA is also a significant political payment supporter.  How Much Influence Does The NRA Have Over Politicians?

You support and believe that the IRS should not be allow to inspect the super rich tax forms with any more care and inspection than a homeless persons.   The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax.

You do not need to have a very high intelligence quotient to be a Republican, in fact, it really helps you get elected by being seen as simple.   Who’s Smarter? Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

When you declare and list your prior history, you are allowed to lie about any and every aspect, every item.  It has been proven from prior history that pandering to the embellishment can really help your total vote numbers even when based on lies.   Study: PolitiFact says Republicans lie more.


But, there are some hidden problems for the fascist Republicans:




Posted:  5-30-2023
Updated:  5-31-2023

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