Solving Problem Adding A Topper To An Existing Bed.

Solving Problem Adding A Topper To An Existing Bed.

I had to travel to my sister’s mobile home residence while she was away on a long vacation.  I went to her place on weekends so that I could take care of her yard plants surrounding her mobile home.  I decided to stay over night each weekend.  Her home had two bedrooms and I decided not to use her bed but the second bedroom.  Problem for me was that the bed in that second bedroom was not that comfortable to sleep on.  I went into town the very next day and found a store that sold mattress toppers.   A topper is typically a short thickness, soft padding the same dimension as the bed that it will be placed upon.  The topper I chose was 3 inches in thickness of foam.  The store, quite conveniently, also offered a slip on cover for the topper for me to buy.  This topper cover completely encased the foam except at the bottom where there is a large opening that has elastic edging to keep the cover tight across the foam.  The whole unit was easily rolled up so I could drive it back to my sister’s home. 

I faced a new problem.  The topper now made the bed taller and that bed mattress cover, a large bed sheet really needed to be tucked in while pressing down on the topper so to minimize how much of the mattress cover was needed.

After my sister arrived back from her vacation, I returned home but I took the topper with me.  At my house, my bed mattress is quite tall and adding a topper really made it quite high.


Note that measuring the regular mattress with the topper resting on top shows that the side height is about 14 inches.



My mattress measurements.

  • Mattress = 11 inches. (The industry size of standard mattress depth is 7 inches.)
  • Topper = 3 inches
  • TOTAL. = 14 inches.  It is recommended that you measure the total side mattress dimension so you buy a good bottom fitted sheet.  We are seeing fitted sheet side height up to 20 inches for some products.

When buying bed sheets look to make sure that the bottom fitted sheet side dimensions will not only cover the mattress sides but also be longer so that the elastic on that sheet is well under the bottom of the mattress.  For example, if your mattress is 11 inches high, buy a side dimension larger so the fitted sheet with it’s elastic ends lays well under the mattress.

So, I then had to go shopping for a bottom bed sheet that would fit tight over and around these two mattresses.  My first bed sheets purchase did not work after a purchase from a very good national chain store.   I checked around and found a pretty good solution at the  Sit ‘n Sleep store.  The solution was that one of their products, DreamFit has very wide elastic bands at each corner of the bottom sheet and these bands are attached far enough away from the corner of the sheet that it really grips the mattress. (see image below).



Note the wide corner strap that definitely holds the bottom sheet in place.
Note the wide corner strap that definitely holds the bottom sheet in place.


In the image below I took a picture of the Sit & Sleep, very small store demo exhibit, that explains how the bottom DreamFit sheet fits remarkably well on to most mattresses. 



Problem that I faced is that my total mattress height was about 14 inches.  The DreamFit bottom sheet still worked because of the very wide corner elastic bands.  The elastic that runs around the whole bottom did not help because they landed along the sides of the mattress (see top image).

NOTE:  My daughter recommends these bed sheets.  Eucalyptus sheets can help regulate body temperature, keeping you comfy and cool all night long. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic and resistant to bacterial growth, which makes them ideal for sensitive skin.


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Posted:   6-13-2023

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