Abortion Subject Explored And Evaluated.

Abortion Subject Explored And Evaluated.

Let’s evaluate the arguments.

A human embryo becomes a fetus at the end of the 10th week of pregnancy, or the 8th week after fertilization. The fetal stage lasts until birth, and during this time, the fetus’s major organs and body systems continue to grow and mature.

According to PubMed, a fetus may become conscious between 30 and 35 weeks after conception, based on EEG readings. However, other sources suggest that consciousness may emerge as early as the first trimester, or at least three to four months into pregnancy.

Babies can show signs of self-awareness as early as four months old, but most infants develop reflective self-awareness between 15 and 18 months of age.

It should stand to reason that choosing to having an abortion might diminish with time for the above reasons.   This strongly supports the view that the decision still is up to the women because if she suffers from some severe medical problem than someone needs to weigh which has the more important reason and possibility for survival.

Positive Elements

  • Better ensures the health of the mother.

Negative Elements

  • Depending upon how developed the embryo has developed.

This Blog:

Each individual women, for a list of important reasons, must have absolute decision to decide whether they can have an abortion. This absolutely extends to every part of their body. No other person should be allowed to impinge in any way upon a woman’s decision as to any medical treatment. A women obviously can listen to a doctor’s advice because some situations may need calculating outcomes.
There is no other acceptable view than to accept the decision of the women! Any political or religious view that conflicts with the women’s decision is obviously suspicious for being stupid, selfish and probably self serving resulting in being dumb!

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