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The United States Allegidly Failed To Predict Russian Invasion Into Crimea?

Looking at Politico application on my cell phone March 5, 2014, I was confused by reading that the United States did not expect that Putin would make a move into the Crimea.  Some reports state that the United States intelligence … Continue reading

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How Not To Win A War

You should seriously consider looking at and consider buying the March/April 2013 issue of Foreign Policy magazine (How Not To Win A War).  It does an excellent job of looking back to how the United States has done such a … Continue reading

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Collective Intelligence May Have Saved 2012 Election

Prior to the 2012 presidential election I had written some blog articles that were pretty critical of some individual’s intellectual process for supporting a candidate. party and party platform.  I had been following the political happenings prior to the election … Continue reading

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Private Equity CEO’s Fail With Social Issues.

I have a membership with a health club where quite a few GOP business people attend.    Many of these people are quite rich.  The men’s locker room is often times loud with anti Obama opinions.  In particular, I watched one … Continue reading

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The Problem With Religion

There is quite a full range for believing and promoting the importance of organized religion from non participation with total lack of concern along with atheism at one extreme and fervent adherance to a religon at the other extreme. What … Continue reading

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