The Battle For Net Neutrality

The Battle For Net Neutrality

My son, daughter and I are very upset that there is a movement by the FCC and the US Congress to violate Internet neutrality.  My son suggested that I contact the following web site:

I did and found that this website can connect my cell phone to my local House of Representative member, which is Republican Ed Royce.  It is all automated.  Once you enter your home or cell phone number an automated voice prompts you what to do.  They even provide a suggested script for you to use, so have a pen and paper handy.  This process can be continue to the next politician and the next.  You can stop any time.  Problem for me is Ed Royce’s phone never picked up.  My guess is he might not want to receive these calls.  So, let me send the current member of the United States House of Representatives for the 39th District of California my message in this post:

I vigorously support net neutrality which is the reason for this call.  In addition, I despise the FCC individuals that are working for corporate gain at the expense of free and fair Internet access for the businesses and individuals of this country.  I also, loath the US congress members that work, some times secretly, against what is best for the citizens of this country.

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