Failure Of Amazon Prime

Failure Of Amazon Prime

October 27, 2020, I ordered this book:  SHADOW NETWORK: MEDIA, MONEY, AND THE SECRET HUB OF THE RADICAL RIGHT by Anne Nelson, hard back.  I was under the impression that the book would arrive in just a few days.  October 29, I checked my order to find out that it had not shipped but would arrive November 26!  YIKES!  That is almost a whole month to wait for the book.  I quickly went back to peruse the Internet and made sure that my Google browser had “Shopping” selected followed by “Show only,” “Available nearby”.  Barnes and Noble showed up as having limited stock.  I called the store and they did have the book and told me to refer to their Barnes and Noble web site price which was a few dollars less.  I have a Barnes and Noble card which should also give me a discount.  In every case, up to now, Amazon delivers items I purchase within a few days but not this item.  I am paying more but I really want to read this book.

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