Covid Vaccination Rejection Issues

Covid Vaccination Rejection Issues

It is vitally important that every person get inoculated agains the COVID-19 virus.  To not get inoculated really increases your chance of getting very ill and dying.  This is especially true for people of all ages including children who come into contact with the Delta variant.  Please get inoculated!

Misinformation fueling vaccine hesitancy

There also may be a natural selection factor for the humane race at work for individuals who are reluctant to get inoculated.  This some times is also called “survival of the fittest” which means that some of us are born with bodies and minds that can more easily and successfully fight off infections.  

Another related factor for individuals who fail to get vaccinated for reasons they get their information from allegedly bad sources:

There are some legitimate sources that state that the virus inoculation should not be administered:

A medical director of the vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization program at the Tennessee Department of Health was fired for sharing a memo with others that. “according to Tennessee Supreme Court case law, minors ages 14-17 years are able to receive medical care in Tennessee without parental consent.”       Note that Tennessee is a Republican state.

Another Issue:

There may follow some form of follow up retribution against known groups and individuals who promote not getting vaccinated.  The Republican Party has already lost a lot of followers.  Maybe Fox “News” is next.

If those people who reject being inoculated do so because they can not properly calculate how to react to this covid threat, then it is quite possible that the humane race might improve if their death precedes them making children that pass on this alleged deficient factors.  This is a terrible demeaning proposal but if this possibility shames more people to get inoculated, then the better for them, their families and this nation if this changes their attitude.




Posted July 15, 2021
Updated: July 16, 2021
NOTE:  This is an active story and this blog post will change in the future.

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