Manchin And Sinema Possible Intentions

Manchin And Sinema Possible Intentions

There are two current Democrat senators, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who appear to be trying every avenue to thwart the Biden agenda to vastly improve the planet from climate devastation, improve the crumbling US infrastructure and improve the lives of most citizens.  Why would anyone impede this terrific positive political move forward?  Let me list some possibilities for you to consider: 

#1). Are they working for the plutocracy class to turn the United States into a fascist country by making the Democratic Party look to be a failure?


#2).  Looking at the past actions of Manchin and Sinema, it seems quite clear that both are doing their best to make themselves happy, reward themselves, and not consider  how to do their paid job to better for the whole nation.  It is all about themselves and very little for the people they represent.



“Sinema is clearly still drunk on her own power, and maybe the power of her new best friends in private equity and in Silicon Valley that she now gets to pal around with.”


  • Thumbs down to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
  • Holdout for scrapping the filibuster.
  • Fails to support President Biden’s agenda.

Sinema has received “a big assist from the pharmaceutical and financial industries, whose political action committees and top executives stuffed her coffers in the middle of negotiations on Democrats’ massive infrastructure and social spending bills.” 

Summary:  It is possible that both Manchin and Sinema honest intention is to not work toward moving the United States being a fascist country but it still remains that their possible stupid actions are working toward that end.  In any case, they seem to be working toward their own self interests and not for the whole nation.

Consider What You Can Do:

  • Work toward impeaching both Manchin and Sinema.
  • Do everything to diminish the power of the plutocracy actors and organizations that have supported these two politicians.
  • Consider not doing any business within the geographical area where each senator represents their constituents.   If the voters in Manchin’s and Sinema’s political districts support politicians that work against what is best for the rest of us, then why not stop offering any personal support to people and business within those geographical areas?  Do not stay in hotels and motels in those areas.  Do not buy products that are manufactured or sold in those districts. 
  • If both Manchin and Sinema vote to support President Biden’s Build Back Better plan and it passes Congress then Score Card will remove this post.



Posted October 31, 2021

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