Putin And Russian People Are Responsible For Massive Deaths And Suffering In Ukraine

Putin And Russian People Are Responsible For Massive Deaths And Suffering In Ukraine


Slava Ukraini

Now let me get this straight and correct about the current leader of Russia, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. 

Cockroach Putin has a rather long past history of being a corrupt person.  Some commentators refer to him as being a mafia boss.  He is quite similar to Donald Trump in that both people appear to be incredibly self centered.

Cockroach Putin is a killer and war criminal as shown below.  But, the Russian people allow this alleged cretin scum sucking bag to rule their country.  This does not portray the Russian people as being knowledgeable, concerned, compassionate, and responsible for the actions made in the name of Russia.  Their country appears to be something of a cesspool, devoid of any aspects of humaneness with this current invasion of Ukraine.

It would appear that the Russian people are ultimately to blame for not putting a stop to Putin for past, current and his future crimes.

Here is just a partial list of him being a murderer or participating in murder:

“… in 1999, he almost certainly approved, and perhaps even orchestrated, the bombings of two apartment buildings in Moscow, in which hundreds of innocent Russians lost their lives.”

 “… reignite the Second Chechen War, in which he launched a massive air and land campaign that produced thousands of refugees, reduced much of the Chechen capital Grozny to rubble and killed at least 25,000 civilians.”

“Putin has funded, promoted, supplied and aided and abetted the Russian and pro-Russian terrorists in eastern Ukraine. Thus far, that war has taken 10,000 lives.”

“Putin’s proxies who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on July 17, 2014, killing 298 innocent people aboard.”

“Russia’s ruthless bombing of Syria’s civilian population”

Alleged mysterious killings attributed to Putin:

      • Alexander Litvinenko 
      • Anna Politkovskaya 
      • Boris Nemtsov 
      • Sergei Magnitsky 
      • Natalia Estemirova 
      • Sergei Yushenkov 
      • Paul Klebnikov
      • Stanislav Markelov
      • Anastasia Baburova

12 opposition leaders from various parts of the former Soviet Union have also been killed in mysterious circumstances in Turkey.”

Russia declared war with Ukraine February 24, 2022.  Military and civilian portions of Ukraine are being attacked.

Statistics for Ukraine:

      • Civilian deaths:  3,393 killed (3-23-2022).  Among the 331 killed were 19 children.  (Measured March 4, 2022)
      • Injured: 675 
      • More than one million people have left Ukraine.

Statistics for Russia:

      • 14,000 soldiers killed (3-23-2022)
      • 1,597 wounded.


Protester marching with posters Support Ukraine Save Peace in Europe. Prostest against Russian agression. Helsinki, Finland, 7.02.2022

Rough total death total attributed to Putin and the Russian people:  73,641. (This number is a low approximation)

The Russian people should punish this alleged criminal, cockroach Putin, to the full extent by removing him from power and placing him on trial.

It would serve Russia and the rest of the world greatly to see cockroach Putin removed from power and even existence, that is if the Russian people feel any ounce of responsibility for the crimes being committed in his name, under his tacit command with no corrective actions taken by the Russian people. 

A Russian entrepreneur who offered a $1 million bounty for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin says he posted the reward because he wants to solidify Putin’s public image as a war criminal.

There is now even some concern that cockroach Putin just might have a level of dementia due to his current incursion into Ukraine because such an action fails to reward Russia in any way, an utterly stupid attack.

The people of the world should send a message to the Russian people that they are responsible for these despicable actions by allowing their retarded leader to invade and kill Ukrainian people.  It is recommended that we all follow the following actions:

  • Do not support any Russian business.
  • Do not send any aid of any sort to any Russian business, charity or person.
  • Do not talk to any Russian person except to voice your anger and concerns against Putin.
  • Do even more than listed here to show our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and NOT cockroach Putin.



Has Vladimir Putin Always Been Corrupt? And Does it Matter?

Vladimir Putin, war criminal


Posted March 23, 2022

One thought on “Putin And Russian People Are Responsible For Massive Deaths And Suffering In Ukraine

  1. Putin has proved to be the most savage killer of our time. He gets away with murder every time he orders a hit on any of his many opponents. We all know that he is also the champion liar of Russia but no one opposes him as if they do they can expect a violent death. Its a tragedy that so many in the west believe his lies. I wonder if his beautiful ‘wife’ “alenna” in really one of his most ardent admirers ?

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