House of Trump, House of Putin by Craig Unger Book Review

House of Trump, House of Putin by Craig Unger Book Review

My life has changed quite a bit from having one knee totally replaced.  My day is full of icing my knee, taking medications, doing leg exercises, meeting with nurses that come to my home almost every day.  I wish to share with you a remarkable part of my life that is totally unexpected that has resulted in this knee replacement.  When I ice my knee every 40 minutes for 20 minutes, I am laying down with the ice application part of the machine attached to my knee.  I decided to use my bluetooth wireless headset and listen to an Audible book.  I had already purchased House of Trump, House of Putin by Craig Unger and decided to listen to that book.  Let me share with you my evaluation.  I really recommend that you listening to the book rather than reading it.  For me, hearing the book places it almost similar to viewing a stage play.  Hearing the book seems to add a deeper dimension, a deeper understanding of the story.  I would never read this book but rather listen to it.  The person reading the book to you, Jason Culp, does such a very good job.  The book’s contents, for me, are utterly shocking.  The book describes the history of Donald Trump and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and the Russian Mafia as well as other crime individuals and gangs.  At times the timeline histories are separate but then then meet when the crime characters come together. The list of criminal individuals revealed in the book seems enormous.  What these crime people do is awful and shocking.  In my mind, I keep thinking that most of this is made up because the story line, what these crime bosses do is so unreal.

This book, for me is sort of a hidden history book that explains what is taking place in the sewers of society. 


I have the opinion that there is a level of criminality practiced at such a high political level that the individuals involved seem to have immunity from being held responsible for their crimes.  The word Teflon is sometimes used by other individuals who also share this view.  As a result, I am gaining a view that the United States just might have separate levels of justice for the common person vs the politically connected.  The current United States examples of this possible dual standard are as follows:  

  • The United States Justice Department seemingly reluctant to follow through in prosecuting Donald Trump.
  • The United States Supreme Court being unable to force Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from cases that have ties to Jinni Thomas text messages.

The Russian part of this story portrays vast deep and close to complete social political and legal self serving criminal society that fails to believe and practice any good value system.  It appears to me that the average Russian citizen is utterly complicit with the criminality because they are uncaring, ignorant, integrity deprived.  I get the picture that the common Russian goes about their simple lives with no intent or ability to try to take back Russia from the scum who currently rule their country.

I view this colossal collection of awful criminals as being on a sort of a  continuum a sort of scale of how much scum each person practices .  Putin is the worst of the worst being at the bottom and Donald Trump rides up and down slowly but overall descends closer to hurting society as much as Putin .  Each criminal scum bag has his own methods for being a terrible individual.  A common reason for their behavior is self centered interests, wishes and actions.  I have yet to understand how this type of individual came to being so selfish.

I really recommend this book.  




Posted April 9, 2022

Updated April 12, 2021

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