The Electoral College Needs To Be Eliminated

The Electoral College Needs To Be Eliminated


Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential popular voting by 2.86 million.  So the people of the United States decided to install that women into being the president of the United States by any competent measure.  But, the retarded, incompetent, flawed, pro fascist, idiotic, despicable electoral college was allowed to change the votes of the American public.  This was a crime against the people.  Members of the electoral college should be punished for their action against the will of the people.  Anyone who supports this existing crap system is a moron or idiot – you choose which.

We need to eliminate the electoral college NOW!

What the electoral college accomplished as a result of their perceived incompetence:

  • Create a more divided country.
  • Put in place an alleged corrupt politician who may well be a criminal.
  • Revealed to the world how the Republican Party is moving away from Democracy and toward fascism.
  • Exposed the number of Republican politicians who failed to hold to personal high standards but instead  followed a cult leader who lacked proper standards to lead this country.
  • More, much, more.



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Posted 8-12-2022
Revised 8-13- 2022

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