Why Vote For Liz Cheney

Why Vote For Liz Cheney


Most Wyoming Republican voters  are not Liz Cheney people anymore. They are Trumpists.  For this reason, she is expected to loose the next election.

Some Definitions of Trumpets follows:


Liz Cheney did fail to win her election, August 2022.  It would appear to some that the Wyoming Republicans may need to refresh their understanding of Donald Trump with more accurate information than they are getting from foreign control non news providers such as Fox “News”.  Let us provide one possible source for those Trumpists:

Trump Attacks the FBI Inflaming His Base While Warning the AG “Our Country is on Fire. What Can I do to Reduce the Heat”



Source for the meaning of Trumpists within the urban dictionary. 


Posted 8-14-2022
Revised 8-17-2022

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