Jessie’s Nutty Cups Handcrafted Peanut Butter Cups

Jessie’s Nutty Cups Handcrafted Peanut Butter Cups

My daughter, for Christmas 2022, gave me an utterly stupendous, surprise gift.  It was a surprise because I had never heard about this product before, Jessie’s Nutty Cups Handcrafted Peanut Butter Cups.  It was a surprise because the contents tasted utterly fantastic.  I love peanut butter but the peanut butter flavor seems to be way less pronounced when eating each candy.  The whole candy is a sort of gestalt  experience in that the whole candy, for me, was way more than the sum of each component of chocolate, peanut butter and any specific add on for that candy piece.   I had lost seven pounds of weight due to contracting COVID.  I totally lost my self discipline by not eating ONE candy after diner but TWO.  And, I even had a candy after my lunch which I normally would never do before.  I rather quickly put back on the seven pounds of weight and have gone over my normal weight due to this candy.  So, let me warn you, be forewarned, if you are anything like me, this candy is somewhat dangerous.



Outside Box
Outside Box View.


Inside box contents.
Inside Box Contents From My Order.


Where to buy.




  • All Jessie”s Nutty Cups have nuts in them.
  • The cost of a box of these cups may be expensive for some people.
  • This desert is so enjoyable that you might find it difficult to pull yourself away from eating more.





Posted: 1-29-2023

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