What Is The Attraction Of Fascism?

What Is The Attraction Of Fascism?

Some Factors Of Fascism:

  • You can be ignorant of history and thus fail to understand how your decisions and operations might not work.
  • You can have very little compassion for the interests, health and welfare of others.  You are self centered intellectually.
  • You think your decisions are more important.
  • You are attracted, enticed, with what little you know about former fascism elements and governments and how they are wrong for societies.  You may be attracted to having tight control and not understand you loose society input.
  • You understand that your abilities working from within a democracy are rather pale.  Less chance for success when you have to work within an intelligent group of people.
  • Fascism might be seen as the best method for rather quick political gain and maintaining your gains.
  • Fascism is usually attractive for the insecure individual.
  • Self centered and selfish intentions planning and actions can more easily be started to finish under this form of dictatorship.
  • Fascism officially controls information release to the public including truth and lies as a means to control the political situation.
  • Fascism is believing my ethnic, religious group, is superior and my group should get more politics and legal rights than other groups.

Fascism is Against:

  • Free speech.
  • A free press.
  • Equal freedom.
  • Equal legal process and protection.
  • Racial equality.
  • Liberalism.

Fascism Supports:

  • Self centered interests.
  • Inequality.
  • Discrimination.
  • Nationalism.
  • Racial purity.
  • Democracy almost requires, thrives, with a population that has a good education.  Fascism seems to flourishes within a low education population.
  • Fascism, in some instances, exists in countries that has varied ethnic groups that make gaining political consensus difficult.

Other Factors:

  • Government by the wealthy, plutocracy, typically supports Fascism because the wealthy do not want to include a broader class of the population.
  • Fascists are usually homophobic or showing dislike or prejudice against gay people.

Summary:  Fascism is an attraction for some people that are self centered, selfish, ignorant, conniving, insecure, etc. 



Posted. 2/15/2023

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